Debt Analytics

* The Debt Analytics team provides a range of services – data, consultancy, forecasting – to assist clients’ strategic decision-making throughout the lending process. We work with all types of lenders – banks, insurers, debt funds, mezzanine – as well as third-party investors, asset allocators, consultants and Regulators. Our service draws on the unique advantages of the scale of CBRE’s business, combining a market leading Research capability, cutting-edge intelligence from our Capital Advisors team and an exhaustive interrogation of our unrivalled database of asset-level performance, which provides a unique understanding of the drivers of asset and loan performance.

Our Specialist Services

Examples of specific services our team can provide include:

  • Historic debt returns series – customisable by market, property type, lending parameters.
  • “Marketing the case for CRE debt” analysis, for use in marketing, fund-raising, investment material.
  • Forecasts of future returns from CRE debt – fully customisable, enabling clients to derive forecasts of debt returns from their own forecasts of direct market performance.
  • Portfolio optimisation analysis, allowing strategic composition of lending portfolios to achieve specific risk/return requirements.
  • Risk-adjusted pricing of individual deals using proprietary default and loss model.
  • Analysis of market assumptions implicit in pricing.
  • Portfolio risk management through regular asset-level re-evaluation of risk-adjusted pricing.
  • Loan rating and assessment of Regulatory capital.

Margins rise as lenders re-price risk

CBRE Debt Analytic’s Dom Smith provides an insight into the latest Debt Prospects, in this edition: Margins rise as lenders re-price risk, pushing premium to Gilts to 18month high.

Banking Response to Brexit

Dominic Smith, Head of Debt Analytics at CBRE discusses the response of banks to the outcome of the EU Referendum Leave vote: ‘Caution but not Closure’ is the message coming through. Read more to find out why.

Dive in interest rates

CBRE Debt Analytic’s Dom Smith provides an insight into the latest Debt Prospects, in this edition: Dive in interest rates wipes out rise in margins; CRE lending returns fall to 3.3%.

Stress testing CRE debt

Dom Smith, Senior Director, outlines CBRE Debt Analytic’s approach to stress testing real estate lending risk in light of the BOE’s 2016 scenarios.

Dominic Smith

Dominic Smith

Head of Real Estate Debt Analytics

Head of Debt Analytics
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