Debt Analytics

* The Debt Analytics team provides a range of services – data, consultancy, forecasting – to assist clients’ strategic decision-making throughout the lending process. We work with all types of lenders – banks, insurers, debt funds, mezzanine – as well as third-party investors, asset allocators, consultants and Regulators. Our service draws on the unique advantages of the scale of CBRE’s business, combining a market leading Research capability, cutting-edge intelligence from our Capital Advisors team and an exhaustive interrogation of our unrivalled database of asset-level performance, which provides a unique understanding of the drivers of asset and loan performance.

Our Specialist Services

Examples of specific services our team can provide include:

  • Historic debt returns series – customisable by market, property type, lending parameters.
  • “Marketing the case for CRE debt” analysis, for use in marketing, fund-raising, investment material.
  • Forecasts of future returns from CRE debt – fully customisable, enabling clients to derive forecasts of debt returns from their own forecasts of direct market performance.
  • Portfolio optimisation analysis, allowing strategic composition of lending portfolios to achieve specific risk/return requirements.
  • Risk-adjusted pricing of individual deals using proprietary default and loss model.
  • Analysis of market assumptions implicit in pricing.
  • Portfolio risk management through regular asset-level re-evaluation of risk-adjusted pricing.
  • Loan rating and assessment of Regulatory capital.
Dominic Smith

Dominic Smith

Head of Real Estate Debt Analytics

Head of Debt Analytics
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